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The night of Science, Innovations, Art and Friendship

Establishment of the Association of Nikola Tesla - The Genius for the Future , 2010

History of the Association of Nikola Tesla - The Genius for the Future unofficially starts 28th November 2009. when it was held an initial meeting of the Association. - It is my desire that in this Association we bring together a team that will jointly promote the great ideas and inventions of Nikola Tesla, and ideas of our scientists, inventors and creative people – said at that day the initiator of the Association and today's president Dragica Mihajlovic. Her idea the first supported President of the Croatian Association of Innovators, Vojislav Raušević and scientist Davor Pavuna.
The Association was founded at a meeting held on 27th January 2010. , attended by 12 members. Then, there were outlined its objectives, promoting the life and work of Nikola Tesla and branding Croatia as the homeland of this great scientist. Duties of the Association are to promote and encourage innovation and pointing to the importance of science and education, but primarily of human creativity, because Tesla learned us how creativity, innovation and knowledge are changing the world.

Members of the Association

The governing bodies of the Association are the Executive Committee, with Dragica Mihajlović as a president, and members Dubravka Davidović, secretary, Violeta Medar, Neven Milković, cashier and Maja Priselac,and the Supervisory Board .with the Chairman Klementina Mataković and members Silvana Svilar and Ana Marija Grancarić.
The Association had 26 members and 14 honorary members in 2010.

Annual Award "Nikola Tesla - The Genius for the Future"

The association implemented two important projects in 2010., the Annual Award "Nikola Tesla - The Genius for the Future" and birthday celebration of Nikola Tesla "Tesla & Friends" .
The public contest for the annual award "Nikola Tesla - The Genius for the Future" was opened from 30th April to 30 th May 2010. in the category of the knowledge ,

Quiz, and from 7th May to 7th June contest for the other two categories, innovative product - an area of innovation and Tesla's extended action.
The first testing of candidates for the Quiz and presentation of projects of the Association was held at the Faculty of Textile Technology 2nd June 2010.. Nine best candidates entered the second round which was held on 15th June 2010. at the same place. Nominees were:

• Nikola Posarić, PS King Tomislav, Zagreb
• Zeljka Vuković, PS King Tomislav, Zagreb
• Stjepan Lojen, I. technical school Tesla, Zagreb,

The annual prize was awarded to Željka Vuković from PS King Tomislav in Zagreb as the best in the final round.

In the category of innovation applied:

• Company Doking with an electric car,
• Company Biozone with a project Biozone-Biozonix, Medical high frequency ozone generators
• , I. technical school Tesla with the project Rotating magnetic field (Tesla's egg)
The annual award was given to the company Doking electric car.

In the third category - the project in the field of Tesla's expanded operation

applied art organization Plesni studio Svjetlost u pokretu (Dance Studio Moving Light ) with the project “Wise forest ,green man Čović and Mrs. Ambrose, intended for the young ones, in order to raise awareness of environmental protection.

The best were selected by commission members made up mostly of people from the profession, teachers, scientists ...
All winners of prizes were awarded in the event Tesla & Friends where they where handed a memorial plaque with the image of Nikola Tesla and gifts from the sponsors, the International School of psychological orientation - Silva Method, watch of the pottery Karačić and valuable books from the collection of the Technical Museum in Zagreb.

Tesla's Birthday Celebration

The event Tesla & Friends - Nikola Tesla's birthday celebration was held on 9th July 2010. at the Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb, and brought together a hundred of prominent figures from the Croatian social, scientific and artistic life. The evening opened the Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić. In the round table about Tesla spoke PhD. Davor Pavuna, world-recognized scientist, Aleksandar Milinkovic, from Belgrade, publicist, journalist and author, of 20 books about Nikola Tesla, Renato Filipin, curator of the Technical Museum in Zagreb and Velimir Srića, a university professor from Zagreb. The youngest admirer of Nikola Tesla in Croatia, and probably in the world, two-year old Sara Teslak from Rijeka was awarded honorary Declaration of the Association as well as to and honorary members of the Association. Tesla's birthday celebration was magnified by the performance of the Puppet Theatre Doll Factory with the play Radio Tesla (directed by: Mario Kovač, lyrics: Philip Šovagović), opera singer Nikolina Korečić, who performed a solemn song of the Association "Imagine" by John Lennon and the presentation of the first fashion brand with a protected name of Tesla in Croatia, Tesla - Genius for the future author Dragica Mihajlovic.
Both projects have sparked public and media interest and that was Association's encouragement to work on.

Association of Nikola Tesla - The Genius for the future thank all partners, sponsors and donors with whose help these projects were realized, and to all those who gave their support to the Association. 

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