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A word from the president

“Hidden behind the armour of the untouchable saviour of the world there was a dreamer who believed in justice and an end to all wars.” (From A. Milinković: “Tesla – a Wizard and Genius”)

Can we imagine the contemporary world without electricity, Internet, radio, TV, cell phones, radar, laser, remote control, high-frequency currents in medicine, speed indicator, wireless transfer of energy and numerous other patents and inventions, as well as many other contributions in science which are nowadays rarely known to be Tesla’s heritage, just like the early researches in the use of X-rays and nuclear energy? Can we imagine being suddenly stripped of all this? Well, it is none other than the genius of Nikola Tesla who is responsible for the above inventions, either directly or by predicting them in his visions.

“Invention is the most important product of a creative mind. An inventor gives to the world his achievements which are palpable, which live and function. When a natural inclination develops into a passionate desire, man advances toward his goal in giant leaps” – these are the worlds of the world renown genius and inventor Nikola Tesla. “I work for the future,” Tesla spoke, “and my contemporaries will not understand me, but one day the scientific laws of nature will prevail, those whose secrets I have uncovered and everything will change in no time at all, everything will change. A new era of human wisdom will set in, and its key features will be the understanding of time, the discovery of a source of limitless energy and the shaping of matter according to the will of scientists”.

His ultimate goal was a complete mastery of mind over matter and the use of its forces for the needs of mankind. He is the author of more than seven hundred inventions, and was awarded with 15 honorary doctorates throughout the world. He spoke eight languages. In his honour the unit for magnet induction is called tesla. If Tesla spoke about it nearly 100 years ago, can we also call him a visionary, a prophet? Now, in the midst of an economic crisis, the crisis of energy for which even wars were waged, we should see what Tesla left to us in his heritage, which solutions he provided for the challenges of the new age.

It is scarcely known that he came upon great discoveries and understanding of the laws of nature and man himself thanks to the study of the Bible and the Vedas over many years as well as a study of how to live in accordance with one’s own inner truth. His firm belief was that understanding is the power which brought him in touch with his own true essence. The journey toward a higher self creates energy, and energy (personal or the energy of a community) represents power. As soon as we tap the source, the life energy starts flowing – this is how Tesla explained his concept of energy. In the Philadelphia magazine of 10 September 1933 Tesla declared that within his energy research project he then worked on the process of photographing thoughts. The procedure was based on his broader concept for harnessing cosmic energy which rules the Universe: “Energy is everywhere around us, unlimited in quantity”.

Behind the armour of the untouchable saviour of the world there was a dreamer who believed in justice and an end to all wars.

(Source: Tesla: a Magician and a Genius by A. Milinković)

Nikola Tesla was born on 10 July 1856 in the village of Smiljan, in Croatia. His father Milutin was an Orthodox priest, and his mother Đuka was also from a priest’s family. Tesla worked in Graz, Maribor, Prague, Budapest, Paris, Strasbourg, and in the U.S.A. He died on 7 January 1943 in the hotel New Yorker in New York. The ashes of Nikola Tesla are being kept in the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade. He left Europe for America in 1884, after having worked in Paris for the Continental Edison Company. He continued to work for Edison in New York.

“The study of the character and work of Nikola Tesla over many years developed into a passion and a deep admiration for this world-renown genius. For the inventions he created, as well as for those which are unknown and insufficiently investigated, it is not enough only to call him a genius. Tesla was something more. Visiting the innovation fairs and researching the name and works of Nikola Tesla around the world, I realized how much the leading countries and companies of the world invest and study his inventions and his work. In the current world economic crisis new sources of energy are being investigated, sources which are both cheaper and more accessible. Tesla wrote about them at length. He patented such inventions that were forgotten and hidden, and set the foundations for a cleaner planet. Today these patents are being awaken from a century-long slumber and studied again. As a token of thanks for all his work I decided to design a collection of business and protocol gifts and souvenirs which will promote the character and the work of the great scientist all over the world” says the author.

As a token of gratitude for all his works I decided to found the association “Nikola Tesla – Genius for the Future”.

Dragica Mihajlović,

Association President
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