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With this project we wish to say „big thank you“ to the genious Nikola Tesla whose inventions marked, undoubtly, the turning point of our civilisation. The goal of our project is to strenghten the role of the civil society in function of the catalisator of the positive social changes.The knowledge and innovation are the best promotor of each country and the foundation of their future.
Annual award „Nikola Tesla – Genius for the future“ is a unique project which involves science, innovations, creativity and art through the work of Nikola Tesla, the  most famous inventor of all times. The award will be granted to individuals and organisations which show as the best in three categories:
1. Quiz in physics and general knowledge about Tesla

2. Creative and innovative product and souvenir inspired by Tesla's inventions or replica of some of  Tesla' s inventions, which distinguishes with unique image, functonality, quality and is accepted on the market

3. Project from the field of Tesla's extended activities:
- clean planet
- protection of environment
- use of renewable sources of energy
-educative projects how to awake innovation and creativity of each individual
- education of preparation of awareness for success, how to be with your own thruth
- project that stimulates and calls for toleration of gender, racial, religious, cultural and social differences as foundation for peace in the world
All the texts are in croatian language as well as an application for the project.
The awards will be granted in those categories this year on 10th of July in Zagreb within the celebration of Tesla's birthday at the manifestation Tesla&friends.
The project starts with the announcment of the public competiton on 1st of February and will be open until  fist of March of 2016.
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