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Become a member of the Nikola Tesla Association 

Conditions for membership
Membership in the Association is open to all individuals and legal entities whose activity includes the spreading and promotion of the personality and work of Nikola Tesla, innovation and creativity in the field of life and work of Nikola Tesla, in the Republic of Croatia and abroad.
For purposes of admission into the membership of the Association, whether regular or associated, the candidate must submit a written request, i.e. fill out the "Membership request" form and send it to the Association e-mail. Later on it will be needed to arrange a meeting with the Association president, to have an informative talk about the possibilities of joining the Association. Upon receipt of the decision of acceptance, the candidate is obliged to respect the Statute and General Acts of the Association and, upon providing proof of paid annual membership fee, becomes a member of the Association and is entered into the Registry of Members of the Association.
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