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Geniuses for the future
We founded the Nikola Tesla Association - Genius for the Future with the aim of developing and advancing innovative thinking and creativity and promoting innovative activities. We found the inspiration in our work in Nikola Tesla, the genius who placed the entire world in his debt.
Promotion of the personality and work of Nikola Tesla
Our primary task is the promotion of the personality and work of Nikola Tesla by introducing less known but important and interesting information into school textbooks and by linking institutions and distinguished individuals who study Tesla`s scientific opus. We wish to inform and educate, not only the members of the Association, but also the broader public, about Tesla`s inventions and ideas and in such a way stimulate their own ideas and inventions.
Ideas for a better future
We shall work ceaselessly on the projects which not only promote the name of Nikola Tesla, but also promote innovation and creativity in science and education.
"I cannot think of any deeper fulfilment that can capture a human heart than the feeling of an inventor seeing his ideas materialized. Such feelings make man forget food, sleep, friends, love, everything" (Nikola Tesla)
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