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Famous people about Tesla

About Nikola Tesla
  • "In nearly every step of the progress achieved in the production of electricity and development of radio we can discover that spark of thought leading us to Nikola Tesla. Only a few people could during their own lifetime see their long-stretching creative imagination turn into reality." (E. F. W. Mexandeison)
  • "Reading Tesla’s works we continually come upon his numerous suggestions which have foreseen later developments in the area of radio technology." (Louis Cohen)
  • "A productive inventor who solved the biggest problem in the field of electricity of his time, giving to the world a system of its transfer and a multi-phase motor. He revolutionized the production of electricity and laid the foundations for its incredible development. My cooperation with you as your assistant on historic lectures on high frequency held on the University of Columbia and later, left an indelible impression on me and gave me an inspiration which significantly influenced my life." (Gano Dunn)
  • "I remember vividly my zeal and enthusiasm with which more than forty years ago I read about your experiments with high voltage. They were genuine and challenging, opening new horizons for further research, in thought as well as in experiment." (W.H.Bm9S)
  • "There are three aspects of Tesla’s work which specially demand our admiration, and these are: the significance of his achievements measured by their usage in practice; logical clarity and clarity of thought by which he conducted experiments and achieved new results; vision and inspiration, I might almost dare to say - courage - of perceiving things far away on the horizon, thereby opening new pathways for humanity." C. M. Brentano)
  • "I think that Tesla’s writings kept to this very day the full force of their inspirational capacity for all those who read them. Tesla was truly a man ahead of his time, and this biography successfully overcame unusual investigative difficulties in bringing this incredible story about him to life once again." (Leland Anderson)
  • The Count George Arco, a German inventor in the area of radio technology was a great admirer of Nikola Tesla. The same is true of another German physicist Adolf Slaby who produced, together with Arco, the first radio telegraphic machines in Germany in 1897.
  • The President of the American IRE Association said in New York in 1915 that the work of Nikola Tesla is one of the greatest achievements of human imagination in the history of the world.
  • On the anniversary of Tesla’s death L. Černi published an article in the Zagreb daily paper Vjesnik under the title "The Forgotten Genius from Smiljan". He stressed how Tesla was not capable of commercializing his projects, but was a grand visionary who believed that with the power of electricity he can do everything and proved this an innumerable number of times.
  • The news on the death of Nikola Tesla was read on the radio on 7 January 1943 by the Mayor of New York La Guardia. He said that Tesla died poor, but was one of the most useful persons who ever lived.
  • The English physicist Lord Kelvin, according to whom the temperature scale is called, said that Tesla contributed more to the science of electricity than anyone before him. This quotation was published in 1943.
  • On the occasion of Tesla’s birthday, on 17 December 1896 he was elected honorary member of the Yugoslav Academy of Arts and Sciences in Zagreb. 
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